• When do registrations for each of the categories commence?
    — Registrations open now.
  • What is the last date to submit entries for each of the categories?
    — 31-12-2022
  • Can I register on the day of the event?
    — No
  • What is the minimum age eligibility for applying in 5K category?
    — 12 years
  • Is there any upper age limit for each race?
    — No
  • Which payment mode will be accepted for online registration?
    — Payment gateway on the website.
  • How will my entry acceptance be intimated to me?
    — Post 05 working days of reparations closure individual applicant is required to go online here and check his/her application status. In case of group entries, the point of contact of the group will be receiving email confirmation for confirmed participants of the group.
  • Can apply for more than one race category?
    — No
  • Can I register for my friend?
    — No
  • Can I run with somebody else’s running BIB on race day?
    — No
  • What will happen once submit my 05K Run application under confirmation preference criteria?
    — Your application for the 05K will be confirmed based on the preference criteria mentioned here. Please note confirm is subject to-
    1) Verification of documents, where applicable submitted by you.
    2) Varication of your application’s eligibility under criterion.
    3) Availability of running spaces.
    4) Entry rules and Guidelines.
  • Can I and my group of friends/colleagues submit our applications together as a group?
    — Yes
  • Can a representative submit applications on behalf individuals?
    — Yes, however, a representative can submit individual applications for not more than 5 applicants.
  • Is attaching a Govt issued photo ID proof with my application (including online) compulsory?
    — Yes has to be provided with each application form at the time of submission of application Online applicants need to attach their Govt issued photo ID proof whilst submitting application the photograph size should not exceed 500KB and should be in jpeg/gif/png format. Govt. issued photo ID proof will include documents like Passport PAN Card Aadhaar Card etc.
  • On what grounds can my entry be rejected or declared invalid?
    — Your entry can be rejected on any of the grounds listed below. A regret email will be sent to the email id mentioned in the form spelling out the reason for not accepting your entry
    1) Incomplete form submitted.
    2) Waiver not signed
    3) Applicant is underage for the race chosen.
    4) Mutilated form/cheque/demand draft/currency notes submitted.
    5) More than one entry form received from the same applicant.
    6) Short receipt or non-receipt of entry fee.
    7) Local Kolkata cheque not submitted.
    8) Required documents not attached/submitted.
    9) Cheque or demand draft submitted not cleared by the bank.
    10) Running places are full.
    11) Any other reason.

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