Medical/Health Tips

Please consult your physician before registering in 21K & 10K. Irrespective of your age, we sincerely advise you to obtain a medical clearance from a registered medical practitioner before registration.

Ambulance Facilities

Kolkata Police has tied up with Ruby General Hospital for this event. Like any professionally organized running event all over the world, ambulance with proper CCU facilities will be there for any medical emergency.

Refreshment Zone

Long distance running is a challenging endeavour. That is why Kolkata Police is arranging proper hydration, refreshment and energy drinks for the runners at various Aid Stations enroute.

Training Tips

  • Alternate Easy & hard days of training
  • Run in a group
  • Warm up & Cool down properly
  • Stay Hydrated and fueled up
  • Wear proper shoes & running gears
  • Mind the surface on which you run
  • Be careful of injuries
  • Listen to your body – if your body feels tired on race day, pay heed & take rest.
  • Taper before the race day

Toilet & Hygiene

Efforts to minimize the chance of inconvenient washroom issues and deal them gracefully have been common challenge among marathon runners. Runners should be very careful with timing of the last meal so that your body gets enough time to fully digest the meal and get rid of the waste before race time. There is sufficient arrangement for toilets enroute and runners should not face any problem.

Special Tips For Women Runners

If you're menstruating, use unscented sanitary products to avoid discomfort and change your tampoon or pad right after your run. The most comfortable and hygienic option will be to use a menstrual cup which can definitely make the run a comfortable one. In case of any emergency, volunteers at medical stations can be approched for assistence.

Clothing Tips

Make sure you wear optimum clothing. By overdressing you run risk of dehydration and it may prevent your body from properly cooling down. A runner should have a regular shower to help keep them clean and free of odours. You are suggested to wear underwear and running shorts with loose fitting and built in liners. Side by side, you must wear good quality and clean socks which can prove to be a great investment as it can minimize the chances of blisters.

BIB & T-Shirt Distribution

The BIB & T-Shirt distribution will be done from 16-01-2024 to 19-01-2024 (11 AM to 07 PM) at Netaji Indoor Stadium, Kolkata. Requests for changing T-Shirt size during BIB distribution will not be entertained. Participants will get T-shirt size given during registration. These are not only prerequisites for various categories on the day of the event, but also mementos of this occasion.

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