All Half Marathon 10Km
Rajesh Pandey (Pacer 21K - 1 hr 50 min)
I had started running to reduce body weight in late of 2016. Now running has become my daily routine and dose of life.
Surojit Debnath (Pacer 21K - 1 hr 55 mins)
I'm an Account Executive by profession and running is my favourite Hobby that I adopt and doing it for last several years. Adopting Running in my life brings Discipline, courage and consistency which help me to be a better person in personal and professional way.
Dipak Shek (Pacer 21K - 2 hrs)
I am mathematics teacher and a passionate marathon runner, trekker, mountaineer and moreover a nature lover. I have been running marathons for last 10 years. Regular exercise, running, cycling and disciplined life have helped me to become a better person.
Anup Kumar Shaw (Pacer 21K - 2 hrs 10 mins)
I started running from year 2014, have completed several HMs, 10k, 25k and FM. Consistency is my key mantra of running.
Udayan Bubna (Pacer 21K - 2 hrs 10 mins)
I did my first outstation run in Ladakh in 2017 followed by the full marathon in Mumbai in 2018. Done quite a few HMs, a couple of FMs and an Ultra . Prefer doing "experience runs" over "city runs".
Biswajit Maity (Pacer 21K - 2 hrs 15 mins)
I am a passionate marathon runner. I have completed many FM, HM, 25K, 10K running events since 2017.Recently I got second position in 10K master athletic (W.B) meet .Before starting marathon, I was a footballer.
Jay Karar (Pacer 21K - 2 hrs 15 mins)
I am Jay Karar, a passionate runner. I love to run regularly, be it a short distance or a long one. Other than that I love to do long distance cycling, trekking, hiking and regular strength training, too! I participated in many marathons amongst which I stood 3rd in CSC MARATHON , 2nd in DECATHLON MARATHON in my age category this season.
Soumyajit Maity (Pacer 21K - 2 hrs 30 mins)
I am Soumyajit Maity, a Chartered Accountant by profession and a runner by heart. Since 2017, I started running, participated over 30 running events across India, embodying dedication and discipline.
Raj Kumar Kushwaha (Pacer 21K - 2 hrs 40 mins)
I started running in 2019 and since then there has been no looking back . Running completely changed my perspective for towards life, I changed my lifestyle and quit smoking. Since then I have done multiple Half Marathons and 10K, currently training for a Full Marathon.
Parasuram Kumar (Pacer 21K - 2 hrs 45 mins)
I started my running journey in 2016, rest was history as I fell in love with this sport. I also love trekking. There is a sense of satisfaction on completing each run.
Pramilla Sarawagi (Pacer 21K - 3 hrs 00 mins)
I started running from 2km in 2009 and transformed as ultra runner in year 2019 by running 80k by following natural and vegan diet.
Savar Hirjee (Pacer 10K - 45 mins)
I am Savar Hirjee. I have been running for 7 years. Running is not a flat route journey. It is full of ups and downs. Going through every step with a smile on your face makes the journey worthwhile.
Prashant Baid (Pacer 10K - 50 mins)
I started running in 2019, by profession a business man and a father of two. I have completed khardungla challenge 72km, kolkata to gangtok relay run, 2 full marathon and lots of half marathon.
Bappa Sarkar (Pacer 10K - 55 mins)
By profession, I am Engineer. I have been a sport enthusiast since my school days. I have completed many 10K and half marathons. I believe that the body achieves what the mind believes.
Atanu Mitra (Pacer 10K - 60 mins)
I started running in 2018 and now I enjoy running for health and staying fit
GB Surabhi (Pacer 10K - 60 mins)
I am GB Surabhi, a passionate runner. I love to run regularly. Other than that, I love to do cycling & swimming too. I have won many podiums in 10K runs over the years. And looking forward to pacing this event.
Saurav Dutta (Pacer 10K - 70 mins)
I started my run back in 2017 with a 10km for the 1st time & rest is history with the passion & love for running. Completed 22 HM & 17 10KM till date.
Dheeraj Dugar (Pacer 10K - 80 mins)
I believe that the biggest achievement is running itself. Timing doesn't matter, only completing matters. You show up for a race, half the battle has already been won.
Anand Rajgopal (Pacer 10K - 90 mins)
I am a keen marathoner and have done a lot of events in the last couple of years. My favorite distance is 10Km. I am also a footballer and have been playing since my childhood.
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