Race Director Pacers
All Half Marathon 10Km
Rajesh Pandey (Pacer 21K - 1 hrs 50 mins)
A hard core sales person by profession. Common trait of a sales person is working late hours, drinking ,obesity. But running has put this sales guy life into discipline, fit body and refreshed mind.
Bikash Sonar (Pacer 21K - 1 hrs 55 mins)
A Banker by profession and most importantly a passionate runner. Bikash is the co-founder of Lake Running Squad runners group. He is a Certified Fitness Coach by Govt of India. He started his running journey way back in 2016 and have taken part in a number of local and outstation runs, a few of them are TCS Bengaluru World 10K, Vedanta Delhi Half Marathon, Hyderabad Marathon and Patna Half Marathon.
Anup Shaw (Pacer 21K - 2 hrs)
Started his journey in the year 2014 with TSK25. He took part in the 6K which motivated him to take up running seriously. From the next TSK onwards he started running 25Ks. Till now he has done multiple 10Ks, HMs , six 25Ks & four FMs. Other than Running he has started taking interest in cycling and swimming as well.
Ravi Golappagol (Pacer 21K - 2 hrs 05 mins)
When I started running and realized that It is an experience in itself and extremely difficult to write down since it is more of feelings, enthusiasm, and energy. The race is run with your head, not your legs. Legs are definitely involved, but with such a long distance, the mental aspect of the marathon is really what comes into play, making you stronger in all accepts of life. My recent participation was in Pune International Marathon 2022, TSK 25K 2023 and Tata Mumbai Full Marathon 2023. Hence, I believe in Fitness is Fun.
Amit Sharma (Pacer 21K - 2 hrs 10 mins)
An Accounts Associate by profession and has a holistic approach towards running and disciplined life. His running journey started in 2018 where he completed his Kolkata Ultra 60K followed by numerous HMs and FMs. In 2021 he completed his first 24 Hrs Stadium Run in Chandigarh.
Running has given him an optimistic approach towards life which he wants to pass on to other fellow passionate runners.
Subrata Mondal (Pacer 21K - 2 hrs 15 mins)
Accounts by profession, who loves to be fit and do different kind of workouts like running, swimming and gym to lead a healthy lifestyle.
He is a Co-Founder of the Running group called "Panthers" which has a strength of 120 members.
His recent achievement is Khardungla Challenge -72K, which is known as, one the India’s toughest ultra marathon. He also ran the Malnad Ultra 80K.
He completed in numerous 10Ks, 32 Half Marathons and 8 Full Marathons so far.
Mayank Bachhawat (Pacer 21K - 2 hrs 20 mins)
Started his fitness journey in February 2021 post covid recovery, that’s when he realised that only thing matters is a healthy Life. Since then he ran several 10Ks and a couple of 21Ks. Negative split is his strength.
Pranabesh Kunti (Pacer 21K - 2 hrs 25 mins)
By profession he is Area Sales Manager of ELGI EQUIPMENTS LTD. Pranabesh started his running journey in 2019 with his beloved running group New Town Runners. Since then he has completed 2 ultra marathons, 5 full marathons, 2 TSK 25K, and more than 15 official half marathon runs. The initial days of his fitness journey was only into running, later he diversified into cycling. This led him to participate in TUFF MAN Duathlon ( 180K cycling+ 42K Run). Later he started swimming and have successfully completed HALF IRON MAN on 1st October 2022. His ultimate goal is to become an ULTRA MAN after completing FULL IRON MAN.
He follows the 3 "Vs" .
1. Visualise your dream as if you have achieved it.
2. Verbalise your dream that you have written.
3. Vitalise your action with proper planning to achieve the dream.
Juzar Rangwala (Pacer 21K - 2 hrs 30 mins)
An entrepreneur with a passion for running. He has visited different cities to complete his Procam slam. He runs not only for himself but also to motivate and encourage others to promote health and wellness.
He has made running a part of his daily routine. Running has made him physically, mentally and socially more active.
Debajyoti Mullick (Pacer 21K - 2 hrs 40 mins)
A Marketing professional and a passionate runner.
He depicts running as an adventure for himself and started long distance running 5 years back with South Kolkata Runners. His first official run was the BRC run in 2018. Post that it was a continuous love for this sport which led him to complete many 10Ks, half marathons and 3 TSK 25K. However, his biggest achievement till now is becoming a Procam Slammer in 2020. Debajyoti’s next goal is to be an ultra marathoner in the coming years....
Sonal Kapur (Pacer 21K - 2 hrs 50 mins)
Sonal is 47 years old and a mother of 15 year old triplets. She is a home maker and committed to taking care of herself, as only then she can take care of her family.
Her journey into fitness and running started in 2017, though she had been involved in sports in school. Running is similar to meditation for her and it keeps her happy. Over the years she ran numerous 10Ks, dozens of half marathons and a full marathon and secured podium finishes.
Running has transformed her both physically and mentally. It has made her stronger and kinder to herself. She believes she can achieve anything if she sets her mind onto it and work hard for it.
Sudakshina Chopra (Pacer 21K - 3 hrs)
A banker by profession and a keen fitness enthusiast. She started her running journey in 2015 to lose post-partum weight. Her first event was a 5K charity run in Singapore, where she fell in love with this endurance sport. Since then she has taken part in various international and national events in 10K and 21K segments. She has secured podium in a few 5Ks, 10Ks and 21K categories. Currently she is training under Jaynagar Jaguars. She believes in Discipline, Consistency and Focus.
Hassan Haider Matawala (Pacer 10K - 45 mins)
He started his running journey in 2011. In the last 11 years he has received 27 podiums. He is nick named as TOOFAN IN RUNNING...NO HUMAN IS LIMITED.
Sayan Das (Pacer 10K - 50 mins)
A Student and a passionate runner. He started his running journey in the year 2020. His first running event was “Ekal Run” in 2021 where he finished 10K in 40 mins 42 secs and secured the 2nd Position. Post that he participated in several 10Ks and Half Marathons and secured a few podiums as well. He currently imparts running training to “Eco-Urban Runner” based in Newtown which has more than 85 members.
Mritunjay Singh (Pacer 10K - 55 mins)
By profession he is a Businessman. He has started his running journey in 2017, he did his first 10K in 2018. Since then he has participated in many 10Ks and half marathons. His best Timing in 10K in 47min 14 secs which he achieved in 2020 at TCS BANGALORE RUN.
Rajesh Dey (Pacer 10K - 60 mins)
An Auditor by profession having enjoyed participating in sports activities since his school days.
He started running in 2017 when he found gym too monotonous. In 2018 he signed up for his 1st 10K race. After that there is no looking back. In 2019 completed Spartan Trifecta and Iron Man Junior.
Anand Rajgopal (Pacer 10K - 65 mins)
A finance professional working in the corporate sector and has always been a very keen sports person, since his younger days. He took running initially as a fitness regimen and later to serious running for the last 7 years. He has participated in a number of half marathons and 10K runs. Anand’s favourite distance has always been a 10K.
Mehar Kuchimanchi (Pacer 10K - 70 mins)
A 50 year old fitness enthusiast, IIM Calcutta Alumni, Director in Swiss MNC. Running journey commenced in 2018, being trained under Jayanagar Jaguars - India's largest running group since December 2019, Participated in several marathon events since 2018. Member of Kolkata Ultra Trust with aim to support talented athletes from economically backward section.
Samik Mukherjee (Pacer - 75 mins)
An IT professional working with Wipro. He is new into running and trained for his first FULL Marathon in TMM 2023. He has already taken part in numerous 21Ks and many 10Ks.
Kusum Agarwal (Pacer 10K - 80 mins)
2018 was the year she decided she will take care of her health and started running. In no time she found this is more than fitness for her, she developed a keen interest and started her running career with Pinkathon 2018. After that there was no looking back. She has received many podiums in various categories.
This is just the beginning for her. She has successfully overcome some of the odds of being a housewife and taking time out for herself and inspiring others to do the same.
Sneha Baheti (Pacer 10K - 80 mins)
To a person who was lazy as a child, her running journey came as a blessing around 5 years back when she ran Ladakh half marathon in 2017, since then she never stopped. Adventure and running are two important aspects of her life.
Ajai Uppal (Pacer 10K - 85 mins)
Enthusiastic runner. Started 18 months ago at the age of 65. 21K NEB in March ’22 and 25K in TSK in Dec’22. Ajay has run a few 10Ks in many local events. He recently ran the 10K in Carethon in 69.3 min.
Sudeshna Mukherjee (Pacer 10K - 85 mins)
Started her running journey from 2019. She has participated in numerous 10K runs and completed 4 half marathons, till date. Running infused a new vigour and energy in her life and it has become an integral part of her existence.
Avijit Bala (Pacer 10K - 90 mins)
He started his running journey in 2018. Over the years he has participated in various marathons. He is very passionate about running.
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